Renata Grzan
For the Love of Beauty
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For the Love of Beauty
is inspired by St. Augustine's reference to God as 'Beauty' in his Confessions (X, 27) when he writes, "Late have I loved Thee, O Beauty, so ancient and so new."

His name for God is both poetic and revealing.  Beauty has been defined, since ancient times, as that which is perfectly ordered or that which is as it should be. Both definitions reflect a profound truth about God: that He is perfection, and His perfection is beautiful.

It is for the love of God, and for the restoration of all His creation to His own beautiful perfection, that I pursue my mission: 
To create artwork and teach the Catholic Faith using only techniques and content that reflect His Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

Renata Grzan, MA

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WelcomePaintingPhotographyFaith FormationImage GalleryResumeContact MeBlogProducts