Why, “For the Love of Beauty”?

AN Ancient Hunger ever New


For the Love of Beauty is inspired by St. Augustine’s reference to God as ‘Beauty’ in his Confessions (X, 27) when he writes, “Late have I loved Thee, O Beauty, so ancient and so new.”

His name for God is both poetic and revealing.  Beauty has been defined, since ancient times, as that which is perfectly ordered or that which is as it should be.  Both definitions reflect a profound truth about God: that He is perfection, and His perfection is beautiful.

It is for the love of Beauty, that I pursue my vocation:  To create artwork that elevates and inspires us to search for our own beautiful perfection in Him using means that reflect God’s Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Renata Grzan Wieczorek, MA



My Story

Love of making the Image


Not exactly sure why or how my love of image making began, but it continues to evolve, that I know.  From classical drawing to ancient icon techniques, from film to digital photography, from oil painting to photo encaustic, I’ve tried it and love it all!

I ultimately love how different mediums communicate ideas and deliver experiences in distinctive ways.  From the clean and direct way a crisp black and white photograph confronts a story, to the subtlety and mystery that same image reveals under several layers of wax and pigment.  Different mediums awaken different paths to our mind and soul.  By activating those paths, our everyday experiences are afforded more opportunities for deeper contemplation of Beauty

This is why I love the wonder and power of art and beauty, because it enlivens the mechanisms within us to see more deeply.  Whether by sensitizing us to notice the ordinary things of life that we take for granted, or by challenging us to dive into the more complicated, metaphysical realities of our existence, art can cut quickly to the core of what really matters, and what unites us.  And when art is beautiful, we find ourselves united in Love.



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