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Etiquette Policy at For the Love of Beauty

I’m so happy to have you here at For the Love of Beauty! I hope you find inspiration for your own pursuit of God through beauty on these pages. My full policies are in the various terms links, but I’d like to share a few notes about particular items in plain speak.

  1. Your Personally Identifiable Information: I will never give away nor sell your information. That includes email address, phone number, and anything else you share with me.
  2. Testimonials: If I provide a good or service to you, I may ask for a testimonial to include on my site, but that would, naturally, only be shared with your permission.
  3. Commenting: I allow commenting on my posts, but I reserve the right to delete comments that I determine to be inappropriate. Please be courteous and respectful. I am always interested in hearing ideas that are shared in the spirit of charity and intended to be edifying for all. So please don’t be shy!
  4. Copyright and Use of My Material: Images and text taken from this site may be used for personal, non-commercial use only, (such as saving something privately for personal reflection) unless I have provided written permission for other usage. Please understand copyrights are strictly enforced.  If you are unsure of usage rights, simply contact me.

Thank you for your cooperation and please enjoy your visit here!

— Renata Grzan Wieczorek

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