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Here you will find a round up of all my updates related to my latest artwork, reflections on beauty, praying with art, new offerings in my shop, and favorite resources.  I would love to hear your comments and questions as I release each new topic!  If you are new here, start with this post.

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Prayerfully Leaping from Epiphany to Lent with Sacred Art

Seeing beyond the veil. My favorite way to recharge is to immerse myself in beauty. Over Christmas I took a break and sought out some museum old favorites that I knew wouldn’t disappoint.  I’ll share some of my favorite points of contemplation here from a few of those...

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Why Advent is my Favorite Liturgical Season

I look forward to Advent with a very palpable, almost pulsating joy. Advent, my favorite liturgical season, stimulates such a joyful anticipation that it has a way of grounding me and making me feel most myself. In a time when I'm often feeling beside myself, given...

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Liturgical Year Icon Card Table Display Kit

Liturgical Year Icon Card Table Display Kit

Liturgical Year Icon Card Table Display Kit that is perfect for a desktop or home altar display and elegantly signals all the year’s feasts, keeping you focused on Our Lord in any given season.

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Autumn Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for the gift that time is, as its lesson gracefully manifests through the season of autumn.
The saying is something like, ‘fruit is always the sweetest right before it goes bad’.

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New For the Love of Beauty Shop!

Coming Soon: New Shop at!This new shop will have migrated over my Christmas Novena items....and added new collections of goods such as, quality reproductions of my original artwork as well as note cards that can be used as spiritual bouquets of...

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On Beauty

The allure of Beauty. Beauty invites a person to give himself to it, to come under its submission, be influenced by it, to become one with it.  If you substitute 'God' for 'beauty' as Augustine did, then the allure of beauty begins to make more sense and we can see...

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Welcome to the NEW For the Love of Beauty website! It's been a long time, but I'm hoping this newly resurrected site will serve as the main hub to organize the many endeavors I've had over the last twenty something years, as well as chart a new and more integrated way...

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