For the Love of Beauty

Welcome to the NEW For the Love of Beauty website!

It’s been a long time, but I’m hoping this newly resurrected site will serve as the main hub to organize the many endeavors I’ve had over the last twenty something years, as well as chart a new and more integrated way forward, while always pursuing a ‘beauty’ that ‘will save the world’, (a phrase Dostoyevsky famously coined in the novel, The Idiot).

The times we are in are surely ripe for some clear and authentically pleasurable paths to finding intimacy with Jesus.  And nothing is a better primmer, or pathway, to receiving God’s love in Christ than through experiencing something beautiful.

This is what I wish to do here, to help restore the awareness of how to find and experience God’s love, through and in the beautiful.  

Here is a brief overview of what I will be offering on this site:

I will be…

writing about authentic beauty, the kind that saves, and draws us to the one who is Beauty,

– creating new artwork, both personal work, and some commissioned work as time allows, some of which will be on sale for the first time,

– helping people pray with art and teach with art, demystifying ways of letting beauty lead us in prayer and knowledge of God,

– selling unique and quality prayer cards, note cards, and spiritual bouquet cards that are perfect for sharing a note or a prayer with someone, along with other items such as bookmarks and sticker seals with my own artwork,

– and last but not least, selling exclusive inspirational prayer beads and jewelry that help to keep one’s mind and heart focused on God throughout the day.  (This is really a delightful spin off from praying the much beloved St. Andrew Christmas Novena several years back and not finding any beads at all, so I made myself one, and then I made a lot of other people some too, and then it surprisingly grew from there.  A inspirational new creative endeavor borne out of a simple need to count off prayers on something meaningful and beautiful.  A big WELCOME to all those who have found me here through!) 

All this new content, as it is rolled out, will mainly appear here on My Latest blog posts. (My old blog will remain archived for the moment.)

All items for sale will appear on my new For the Love of Beauty Shop page (still in devleopment), but do stop by my Advent Shop that previews somes items that will be in the new For the Love of Beauty Shop  coming soon. 

If you’d like to stay updated about my latest work and shop offerings, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my updates and receive a 15% Discount on your first purchase in my new For the Love of Beauty shop when it goes live. 

For those who might be interested in commissioning a new artwork please see my Commissions page for details about my process.

I am also offering Consultation services for those who might be interested in rethinking how their spaces are being used (in public or private) and how to intentionally incorporate principles of beauty and artwork in a variety of environments such as in the home or office, or in the parish or school setting.

I will continually build up my gallery pages with a catalog of some of my previous work (both in painting and photography) as I find and digitize them all and will also add new images along the way.  (For the time being, I am retiring most of my photography services such as weddings and events, that use to be featured on my photography site  That domain will still exist, but will be redirected to the photography gallery page on this site that will also include the link to my client proofing site still servicing my past and existing photography clients.)

That’s the very fast grand tour!

I’m excited about bringing everything home to one place, where I hope these various endeavors of mine can be better explored by reflecting the integrated nature of loving beauty and loving God, as St. Augustine so poetically wrote about in his Confessions when he said, Late have I loved Thee, O Beauty, so ancient and so new.” Stop by my About page to find out more about this quote of St. Augustine and my goals for this site.

Thank you so much for visiting!

Let me know if you have any questions, or comments, especially if you would like to see me discuss any particular topics about beauty.


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